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Modular Boom Vol. 2

Modular Boom Vol. 2

  • $24.95

Modular Boom Vol 2. is collection of custom made drums designed to hit hard and with the unique character associated with modular synths. Each sound is designed from the ground up using a large modular synthesizer consisting of over 70 individual modules! Far from the average "Bug music" that modular synths are known for, these sounds are sculpted for Boom Bap Hip hop primarily. Including hard cracking snares, epic booming kicks and sci-fi effected percussions. Modular Boom Vol 2. will give you unique sounds not yet heard in the Hip Hop world.
Each Modular Boom Volume consists of over 250 individual sounds organized into individually labeled sample folders consisting of  16 pad kit folder, Hi Hats, Kicks, Snares, Rides cymbals and percussion, and bonus one shots

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