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8-Bit Dipped Drum sample pack / Maschine expansion

8-Bit Dipped Drum sample pack / Maschine expansion

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8-Bit Dipped is a sample pack that revels in the grit of vintage samplers and a generation of digital grit and shine. Cultivating sources of both the analog and acoustic world 8-Bit Dipped takes pristine sources and transforms them in to raw punchy source material for your latest endeavor. 

Sources include modular drum synthesizers, vintage analog synths, Acoustic vintage Ludwig and pearl drum kits, metal pipes, large canisters, sewer grates, custom snare drums and much more.  All processed through boutique filters and compressors, then distilled into 8 bit 11khz raw .wav beauty for that delicious gritty tone. 

  • 11- Maschine Kits
  • 70 Snares
  • 54 Hats
  • 35 Kicks 
  • 22 Cymbals
  • 20 Percussion sounds
  • 29 Toms

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