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Maschinestrument Vol. 1

Maschinestrument Vol. 1

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Maschinestrument Vol. 1 is a one of a kind sound expansion for Native Instruments Maschine.  Using advanced layering of analog hardware synths, acoustic vintage electric pianos, hybrid digital synthesis and the leading modeling synthesis techniques, each instrument is designed to inspire and fit into your mixes like no other product available for Maschine.

Intense Maschine optimization means that each patch takes advantage of Maschine specific effects and routing, tempo synced modulations, mod wheel control over filter sweeping, beat delays, grain effects, etc. All set up and ready to go so that you can spend more time playing and creating while maintaining access to deep sound sculpting tools right at your fingertips.

Maschinestrument Vol. 1 provides:

  • 6.75 GB of uncompressed instruments formatted exclusively for use inside of Maschine.
  • 256 presets specifically sculpted inside of Maschine, taking advantage of all of Maschine’s potential.
  • Each patch contains 30-45 samples for the utmost detailed modulations and tone.
  • Advanced tagging means always being able to find just the sound you need when you need it, with no fumbling through the massive 256 presets available.
  • 9 type tags covering bass, fx sounds, keys, leads, mallet, organ, pad, synth, winds
  • 22 subtype tags
  • Perfect for quickly inspiring and getting the most from your Maschine.

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