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Drum Potion Vol. 2

Drum Potion Vol. 2

  • $14.95

Drum Potion vol.2 is a new drum sample pack for all 32 bit .wav compatible samplers. (with kits especially formatted for Native Instrument Maschine)

  • 100% original recordings of High quality Drums and found sounds
  • Processed through boutique compressors and preamps to give added warmth
  • over 120 individually crafted sounds ready for your favorite drum sampler
  • 3 maschine kits already reformatted and ready to go
  • convenient folder striker for individual kick, snare, hi hat, cymbals, toms, and alternative percussion

These drums are recorded and optimized to give individual character to your drum sampler.  The sounds range from subtle kick drum variances to Hard lined Punchy sounds. Found sounds, Modular synths, Tube Preamps, Fet compression, boutique distortions and effects were all used to give you drums that are ready to go right away with little or no tweaking for your mix. 

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