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Atmospheres Analog pads for the MPC

Atmospheres Analog pads for the MPC

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   20 Keygroups collected by layering Modular, Analog and hybrid hardware synths to create evolving textures. Each Keygroup has been crafted using only internal MPC techniques so these are ready to do in the Live and MPC X stand alone. Focusing on a smooth attack and ethereal texture that the current mpc plugins simply do not achieve, these sounds will provide your track with the ambience it deserves. 

  Delve into lively analog waveforms from the Matrixbrute ran through a vintage analog phaser pedal, A thick swarming atmosphere from the double helix and braids oscillators frequency beating through luscious CS80 style filters from studio electronics. Hear Alien tones as the Deepminid 12 is run through a pair of custom designed preamps over driving just slightly to add character and brilliance.

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